Amongst others, offers you a complete booking system for all your accommodations in order to receive and keep account of (online and offline) bookings.

Placing a booking in the system will automatically block the calendar, calculate the sale and purchase price, the payments, the extras, create the reservation form, register the client in your client list, place the booking in your arrival/departure lists and of course on your sales and balance. When a client makes the booking online, all this is arranged for you and he receives the booking confirmation with all the details incl. the reservation conditions, automatically by email.

Why is online booking in real time so important?

Nowadays renters are more demanding every time, they want to know all the information of the accommodation on forehand and want to be able to find this information online, and this includes the availability. They don´t want to wait any more until your office opens to confirm the availability or their booking, they want to book themselves online whenever they find this convenient, at night or in the weekend with their family. Statistics show that properties with online availability and online booking will receive more bookings than properties on request.

The system is web based and in real time, therefore there is no risk of double bookings. For bookings made online or introduced manually in the system the period is immediately blocked on the calendar in your account and therewith on all websites connected.

See here how easy it is for your tenants to make a booking online with

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