Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a complete online rental system that combines the three fundamental pillars for successful online rental of holiday accommodations:

  • Online booking systemallows tourists to book their accommodation fast and easy online with a direct confirmation and online payment.
  • Online marketing in several languages through your website, marketing partners as Home Away, Holiday Lettings, and many others and holiday rental websites of collaborators.
  • Online managementFor all practical rental issues, like property presentations, administration, collaborations (f.e. through booking agents) and logistic communication. All that 24/7, fast and easy, saving you a lot of time and money.

Is suitable for my business? is the solution for all holiday rental businesses who want to rent out online in an efficient and time saving way, it does not matter if your rent out 1 or 10.000 accommodations.

How can help my business? will save you time with managing many of your daily tasks and therefore also money. To give you some examples:

Placing a booking in the system will automatically block the calendar, calculate the sale and purchase price, the extras, create the reservation form, register the client in your client list, place the booking in your arrival/departure lists and of course on your sales and balance. When a client makes the booking online, all this is arranged for you and the client receives the booking confirmation automatically by email with all the details incl. the reservation conditions.

The marketing of your accommodations normally costs you a lot of time, uploading for each portal the data of the accommodations, photos, descriptions, prices and availability and after that maintaining the calendar up to date. Not with! With this time consuming work belongs to the past. You only introduce your property once in the system and through our variety of marketing partners connected with you can publish the accommodations with one single mouse click on other websites and portals. The information of the properties is sent for you and calendars are kept up to date.

The system sends you, your employees but also owners and key holders so called system notifications, emails like new bookings, options, contact forms, publication updates etc. according to everybody’s needs. Besides that you can provide your owners, key holders and agents with their own login where they can see the calendar and manage e.g. their own bookings if you allow them to. All this makes the communication with your home owners and other parties easier and quicker for you.

What can offer my clients?

For tenants it offers online booking and online payment but not only that, due to the extensive information available and introduced in the system they will have all the information on the website they need to find their perfect holiday home and book it directly.

For home owners the system offers transparency, they can have their own login where they 24/7 can consult the calendar of their accommodation(s) and block periods for themselves or family. You can also send them automatically notifications by email or SMS.

For agents you work with and make bookings for your accommodations, by giving them their own login they can consult the availability and accommodation details in real time 24/7 and they don´t need to email or contact you. Of course they will only see the details of their interest, not your company information or contact details of your clients or owners. They can even place their bookings directly in which saves both parties time.

Is multilingual?

Yes, the back office system is available in 7 languages; English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese. Each user can work in its own language.

The automated descriptions are available in 12 languages.

The websites can be created in almost every language(s) you prefer.

What are the advantages of working online?

There are many advantages of working online, to name you some of them:

- It makes availability and bookings in real time possible
- No need to install software on your computer
- You can access your data anywhere, anytime 24/7
- It´s always up to date to the latest version

Why is online booking so important?

Nowadays renters are more demanding every time, they want to know all the information of the accommodation on forehand and being able to find this online, this includes the availability. They don´t want to wait any more until your office opens to confirm the availability or their booking, they want to book this themselves online whenever they find this convenient, at night or in the weekend with their family. Statistics show that properties with online availability and booking will receive more bookings than properties on request.

Working with is there a risk of double bookings?

No, the system is web based and in real time, therefore there is no risk of double bookings. For bookings made online or introduced manually in the system the period is immediately blocked on the calendar in your account and therewith on all websites connected.

What is the automated description tool?

The Automated Description is a unique tool that creates a naturally readable text from the public data gathered on the info sheet, describing your rental properties in a very presentable way. It can do so in 12 languages saving you a lot of time and money. Using this tool:

- you will not have to write descriptions yourself
- you will have relevant texts instantly
- you will not have to translate the description
- you can always update the automated version of the descriptions
- you can also combine the automated version with a manual version

What do I need to work with is very easy to start with, you only need a computer, an internet connection (we recommend Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), an account and time to introduce your data in your account like company details and upload the accommodations.

Should I have a website connected with

Yes, we strongly recommend to either having a website powered by or connected with the system to make use of the system to the fullest, offer the online booking possibility on your own website and have bookings, options and requests come in straight into your account 24/7.

Apart from that, with your website connected to your account you can expand your offer by publishing accommodations from collaborators.

On top of all, having an websites has the advantage that many parts of the website can be managed and edited by yourself from your account.

Which website would you recommend for my business?

A resort website: has a simplified search menu, you start directly by searching with the names of the villa and dates, therefore this type of website is suitable for e.g. resorts or a small group of accommodations in same area, our recommendation is +/- 10 accommodations.

A professional website: is the most common type of website and suitable for any kind of holiday rental business, no matter where you rent your properties or how many accommodations you have now or in the future. This website has a template based structure but of course the look and feel of your company.

A custom made website: is suitable for any type of holiday rental business who wants to design their own website, based on our guidelines to make sure all components of the system can later on be connected to it correctly.

Of course you are also welcome to start with our free website. This website is limited to a list of accommodations and 3 languages but offers the complete online search and booking function and is therefore a perfect way to start trying out the system.

Who are the marketing partners of has made connections with many other websites and portals like Home Away, Holiday Lettings,, Atraveo, Niumba from Trip Advisor and many others. Working with offers you an easy way to collaborate with these companies and publish your accommodations on their websites with one single mouse click. More information of the marketing partners you can find here.

Can I collaborate through the system with other companies?

Yes, you can make connection with all other companies that also work with and start collaborating and sharing information, make bookings and publish accommodations. You can also work with companies that do not work with by providing them with an agent login, that way they can access certain information like the calendars and make bookings for you.

Why are collaborations important?

Above all to expand your network and obtain more bookings. You can collaborate for several reasons e.g. when:

- you want to publish your accommodations on websites of others
- you want to expand your own offer by publishing the accommodations of others on your website
- you want to explore new markets of tenants, access new regions or countries to sell your accommodations that you normally would not reach or where they have school holidays outside your high season.

How much does the system cost/ How are the rates calculated?

The basic cost of the system is based on the amount of properties you have in your account and is charged per month from your i-rent credit. Besides that there are optional services like publication costs which are deducted from your i-rent credit according to your use.

What is i-rent credit?

In your account you will work with credit to pay for the monthly fee and optional services. Credit can be uploaded yourself and costs are automatically deducted from this amount. You can always see in your account how much credit you have left, where and when you´ve spend it on and even download the invoice yourself.

Does provide hosting??

Yes, we even recommend having your website powered by i-rent hosted by us as you benefit from latest updates easily and having your website hosted on your own server implies several technical requirements for correct functioning of your website.

Can register a domain name for me?

Of course, we are happy to register a domain name for your website, the costs for registration and renewal of the domain name and this service are invoiced to you.

Does provide email services?

Yes, we can also take care of your email accounts. Don´t hesitate to ask us for more information.

I am a home owner, can I work with your system?

Yes, of course, we are happy to welcome private home owners as well. Have a look here for more information and possibilities for home owners direct

I am a home owner, which account should I choose?

We recommend the gold account for owners who want to work online, have the availability up to date and tenants can book online with you. Online booking gives you the best result making bookings.

If you don´t want online bookings but you do want to publish your availability calendar then the silver account is the best for you. You can update your calendar and tenants will contact you by filling in a contact form.

If you don´t want to update your calendar every time you receive a booking you can use the bronze account, with this account you only advertise your property without a calendar or online booking. However, remember tenants are likely to choose an accommodation with online availability over an accommodation that does not have this and your accommodation without a calendar cannot be shown in search results when searched with dates due to the lack of the availability information.