Websites and Apps for individual accommodations

“The world is going mobile, make sure your holiday homes are too.”
Create a website and app for each accommodation in only a few minutes.

All the features you expect

The website for individual holiday home as well as the web app include all the features you are used to with The accommodation is shown with pictures, description, prices, etc. and the websites and apps come standard in 8 languages (German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese and Russian). See an example here.

Get direct bookings

Research shows that when customers have found a holiday home they like, they will try to find the person or agency where they can book directly without middlemen by searching online for the properties´ website.

When they find the personal website of a holiday home, they are more likely to book there instead of on a portal with thousands of holiday homes.

Web App

The website for a holiday home is adapted for (most) mobile phones and can easily be added the home screen of your mobile phone.

Easy to share – Easy to promote

Potential renters as well as owners can easily share their favorite holiday home with their family and friends on their mobile with the Web App.

QR codes for each holiday home

On your company website (powered by each accommodation will have its own QR code, this way visitors can easily access and get the Web App on their mobile phone.

Links to your website

Each website and app will have a link to your company website.

Try out for free

You can now try out the website and app for each accommodation for free during 1 month.

A service to your owners with many benefits for you.

Read more about how you can promote and sell the websites and apps to your owners here.