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The complete online rental system for rental professionals in the holiday industry is a complete online rental system combining the three essential pillars of successful online renting:

Online booking system allowing your tenants to book and pay their accommodation directly online, followed by an online confirmation.

Online marketing in various languages resulting in an internationally spread clientele (hence, a better occupation).

Online management of all the practical matters and communication regarding the rental of your accommodations.

Furthermore, you can have create an accessible and functional web site for you. demo

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Automated descriptions

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The Automated Description is a unique tool that creates a naturally readable text from the public data gathered on the info sheet, describing your rental properties in a very presentable way.

It can do so in 12 languages saving you a lot of time and money. Using this tool:

  • you will not have to write descriptions yourself
  • you will have relevant texts instantly
  • you will not have to translate the description
  • you can always update the automated version of the descriptions
  • you can also combine the automated version with a manual version

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