Owner Support Tools

Good communication with every owner is essential, but the daily workload can make this difficult. The owner support tool is an ideal instrument to simplify the daily flow of information.

Owner calendar

Owners may block unavailable periods, place bookings for their own use or for friends and family.

Owners are shown an overview of all bookings made to date, including rental income. Owners can give discounts that are implemented immediately on the website. These discounts can only be placed if the administrator has given his explicit consent.

In order to use the owner tool, the administrator must give the owner permission for each individual component. This way, there is complete freedom for the administrator to decide what an owner can and cannot do.

Owners Smartphone App

Besides the login option that owners can use to manage their rental booking system, such as updating their calendar and making reservations for their own use, i-Rent.net now also offers a smartphone app for owners. This brings additional benefits, as owners always have their mobile phones to hand. In the app, owners can communicate directly via chat, exchange photos and much more.

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