Check My Reservation

Guests who have already made bookings and have upcoming holidays will receive a personalized login at This platform offers a convenient and efficient way for guests to access and manage their booking details. By logging in, they can complete any outstanding booking requirements, such as providing information about their travel companions and making necessary payments. Additionally, the platform includes essential information such as key holder details and check-in instructions. provides an interactive online environment specifically designed for guests who have booked accommodation. Within this environment, tenants can easily manage their personal information and expedite the check-in process by registering their fellow travelers in advance.

They can also conveniently make payments for any outstanding amounts due. Furthermore, guests can enter their vacation details, including flight information and arrival/departure times, allowing for seamless communication with the host.

The platform also enables guests to inquire about services or make additional bookings to enhance their stay. In summary, this comprehensive online portal serves as a centralized hub for all necessary communication with the host.

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Reservation form

Moreover, in the online environment, guests can directly print or download their reservation form. Thus, they have a physical copy of their booking details for their reference and convenience.

On the platform, guests will also find all the essential information they need for their day of arrival. This includes the address where they can pick up the keys and the contact details of the host managing their booking. Access to this crucial information ensures a smooth and hassle-free check-in for guests.

Additionally,'s working environment supports multiple languages, allowing tenants to communicate and interact in their preferred language. This feature ensures that guests can effectively interact with the platform and easily communicate their needs and preferences.

Post-holiday review

Important to know! Once their stay is complete and they return home, guests can use the platform to provide valuable feedback by filling in a review. This feedback serves as useful advice for future renters interested in the accommodation they booked and allows guests to share their experiences and insights about their rented property.