About I-Rent.net

Founded in 2002

I-Rent.net was founded in 2002 by rental entrepreneurs on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Based on their experience and their strong vision on online rental, they developed a comprehensive online booking system: i-Rent.net. Within a short period of time, this online booking and management system proved to be successful for both the rental of their own rental properties as well as for those of affiliate partners, and the number of reservations increased tremendously.

As the i-Rent.net team expanded, the ideas about online booking, online marketing and online management were successfully refined.

Currently, i-Rent.net enables rental professionals to sharply and efficiently organize their businesses and perform better, and to even outperform their competitors on the market. Besides this, i-Rent.net builds a bridge between various rental professionals on the market where strategic collaborations are brought about effortlessly.

I-Rent.net is particularly useful for both small and large professional rental companies.