PMS Property management system for your smart phones

The smartphone version of our Property Management System (PMS) has been specially developed for property managers who want to be in contact with the system outside the office or away from a computer in order to be able to handle or check ongoing matters on-site.

"Let AI. chatbot help you get in touch with your property owners, management and cleaning team or prospective guests wherever you are or whenever you want via your mobile phone"

Property management App chat tool

The Property Manager App features a versatile chat tool (integrated messaging tool) that empowers property managers to streamline communication effortlessly. Managers can directly connect with property owners via the Owners App, coordinate with maintenance staff through the Maintenance App, and engage with prospective tenants seeking property information on popular platforms such as, Airbnb, or VRBO. This seamless communication is accessible from your mobile phone, ensuring faster and more effective interactions.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Automated Responses: Artificial intelligence enables automatic generation of responses, enhancing response quality and speed.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our system is trained to incorporate questions about various aspects, including availability, prices, extras, booking conditions, opening hours, and other relevant information in the generated answers.
  • Customizable Text: Users have the option to manually modify and/or translate the response before sending it.

Translation Made Easy:

  • Translation Button: Our chat tool features a built-in translation button, making communication in foreign languages effortless.
  • Eliminating Language Barriers: Say goodbye to language barriers as our tool simplifies communication in different languages.

Make working on the go easier!

Make working on the go easier

Besides the all-important chat box, our smartphone app offers a wide range of useful features. With the app, you can easily access accommodation information, view guest arrival and departure details, check and update booking information and payments, manage and check maintenance and cleaning orders, edit guest information You can even create a route description with Google Maps from your location to the accommodation in question and much more. All this can be accessed directly from your mobile phone and in your own language. Importantly, all data is instantly synchronised online with your booking system.

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