What does i-Rent.net cost?

Below you will find a calculator which allows you to easily calculate the monthly fees for using i-Rent.net PMS (property management system).

How many rental properties do you manage?
10 1 1000000 1
0 151015255010015025050010000000
1 4086.54321.510.80.50.1
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Monthly fee for the use of the PMS (property management system)
Website & CMS
Prices are exclusive of VAT.
Prices 2022
Full service dynamic website with optimised booking system, SEO editor and page creation tool. Worth € 1280 now as special offer free of charge.
0 €
Monthly service charges for website hosting and updates
per month 28 €
Training: 8 hours of training PMS system
240 €
Training: 2 hours of CMS training (website)
90 €


Fee for channel managers bookings based on the net rental amount
Fee per booking 2022
Channels manager bookings (for all external portals that generate bookings and automatically process and update them)
Partner accommodation connectivity, for partner accommodations published on your website (only possible between i-Rent.net users)

IMPORTANT! The above mentioned fees are service costs and do not include the commission to be paid to OTA's, portals or cooperation partners.