Sharing accommodation with Fellow Agencies

More revenue more occupancy! makes it easy for property managers to act as letting agents for other property managers. This ensures an expansion of the offer a higher occupancy rate and additional income.

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Important Information

It is essential to understand that is not a party to the agreements made between agencies. acts solely as a provider of technical resources to facilitate this type of rental and publishing.

How does it work?

When property managers decide to work together and want to generate additional revenue and occupancy, they can start immediately after agreeing on a mutual commission arrangement.

Steps for Collaboration

  • Make a mutual commission arrangement
  • Check and agree to each other's booking conditions and payment terms. Bookings are handled financially and in terms of conditions according to the website on which the booking is made. Knowledge and acceptance of each other's methods is crucial here.
  • Have clear rental payment agreements, similar to those at Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).
  • In the property management system, add your fellow company as a booking agent.
  • Then choose which accommodations you want to offer to this booking agent.
  • The booking agent can publish the offered accommodation on its own website with a single click.

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Automatic Synchronisation and Updating of Information

A key advantage of this system is that all information is automatically synchronised and updated. This means you do not have to manually exchange photos, descriptions, prices, or availability calendars.

Efficiency and convenience
  • Photos and Descriptions: Once an accommodation is added to the system, all relevant photos and descriptions are automatically shared with the linked booking agents. This ensures a consistent presentation of the accommodation on different platforms.
  • Prices: Price changes or special offers are immediately synchronised so that all agencies always display the most up-to-date rates.
  • Availability calendars: Each accommodation's availability is updated in real time, which helps avoid double bookings and ensures an efficient booking experience.

This automated synchronisation saves time and reduces the risk of errors, allowing both property managers and booking agents to focus on delivering excellent service to their customers.

Benefits of Diversification and Expansion

This system offers a very effective way for collaboration with other companies in the holiday rental industry. Not only does it allow you to promote properties in nearby villages or towns where your own company has no accommodation, but it also allows you to offer a diverse range of accommodation in the same location. This can range from luxury villas to cosy flats, allowing you to offer a wider range of options to your customers.

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