email changes

24 May 2015

As you may already be aware, scammers are increasingly trying to find ways to gain access to online platforms like Because is committed to protecting guests and partners from these kinds of email-based attacks, now is providing partners with two features to create an even more secure and convenient method for them to communicate directly with their guests.

Starting May 2015, guest and partner email addresses will be made anonymous in order to provide an extra level of security. Regular email traffic between partner and guest is still possible. Important to know is that there are no limitations to the anonymous email addresses. Attachments, links and images are allowed. The difference is that the identity, of partner and guests, will be protected.

In addition, partners will also be able to actively start the conversation via their extranet. Under each reservation the partner will find a button which allows direct e-mail communication with their future guest.

Our goal with these features is to enable easy and convenient communication, while providing an enhanced level of protection partners and guests.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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