Comunidad Valenciana Rental License Number

14 June 2016


We wish to inform to those collaborators established at the Comunidad Valenciana that now is possible to inform about the official registration number of your accommodations on the Servicio Territorial de Turismo.

We remind you that, following the Comunidad Valenciana regulations, it is mandatory to publish the registration number of every accommodation.

How do I inform such number?

Please login at extranet and:

1. Go to the desired accommodation and clic on "Website Content"
2. Then select "Room Information" and clic on the name of the accommodation
3. Please fill out the field "Rental License Number"

How do I register my accommodation?

In case you need to register a new accommodation, you can:

  • Present a declaration at the office of the Servicio Territorial de Turismo of your province, or
  • Do it by internet at

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