Good news!

9 May 2021


New improvement in to adjust prices for rental partners as OTAs and Agents.

You will find this new tool under the menu Administrator, external price settings.

Now prices can be adjusted per rental partner per accommodation and in certain periods.
So now there is freedom to increase the prices for the rental partners in e.g. summer. In the example below, the price is increased by 8% between 3-July-2021 and 28-July-2021 for all accommodation and a selection of rental partners.

The 8% mark-up as shown in the example is in addition to the original rental price.

Step 1: Choose a name, define the price increase and choose the dates between which the increase counts.

Step 2: Select accommodations, in this example all

Step 3: Select partners

You can make as many different price adjustments as you like, for groups of accommodations, for different partners and/or periods of your choice.
It is even possible to reduce prices by setting the percentage in negative, which will result in a lower price on the partners website.

Save and you are ready. Your team

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