4 December 2015


Modern times, better solutions!
A new breed of websites is here. Modern and created to quickly find the desired holiday home. Designed for users who use their mobile phones and tablets. Today we proudly introduce, our new concept for vacation rental of holiday homes.

What is

Akomgo – with the accent on the A, K and G – is short for Accommodation to Go. More and more tenants and property owners are using Everyone knows its benefits and there are plenty of those. is an initiative by, an advanced on-line bookings management system. The website brings property managers, owners and tenants together for rentals of holiday homes or any other accommodation. The holiday fun begins with the system’s clear layout and instructions. The system does many things automatically yet keeps everything flexible and personal.

How do I publish at

Publishing your accommodation from your account on is easy. Just right click on the desired accommodation and select "Publish on". Or got to the "Accommodations" -> "Web distribution" menu and then select from the external websites list. In a few moments your accommodation will be published on

How much does it cost?

Publishing an accommodation is free of charge for an unlimited period of time. For each booking received through we ask a commission of 8% of the rental amount. Web Forms or phone call requests are free of charge.

What is the future strategy? has decided to discontinue the development of previous i-Rent websites and focus their efforts on the development of
If you have accommodations published on websites, they will automatically be published on Since publication on is free of charge, the cost of the publication made on websites will be completely refunded to your account.

For more information please contact us,

The team

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