New calculation for Price adjustments for OTAs and Agents

11 April 2022

We at have made a change to the way price increases are calculated.

Basic rental price 900 add 10% (90) = price to OTA / Agent 990 (the problem here is: if you deduct 10% from the price to the OTAa / Agent (990), you end up with 882 instead of 900).

The new way of calculation is to calculate the additional amount from the selling price of the OTA/Agent which is as follows: i.e. if you deduct 10% from the price of the OTA/Agent, the result will be 900 and not 882.

The booking page has also been updated, under the “price tab” the increase amount has been added and is shown in blue so that you always know what the basic rental amount is and what has been added as an increase.

An illustration is given below:

A column has also been added to the “general booking overview” list so that these amounts can also be seen there.

In the meantime, the green airo information field on the booking page has been filled in with an explanatory message.

I hope I have cleared up any doubts you may have with the above.

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