New Feature: Private Descriptions

5 October 2015

Since today, a new feature has been added to the description of an accommodation: Private Descriptions.

This new feature has been added for those interested in having a private text for use in their own website only in order to:

  • Provide the user specific information about the accommodation that only applies to bookings made from the administrator’s own website
  • Improve administrator’s own website SEO with customized/exclusive content

As you can see, private descriptions are not sent to collaborators nor external portals.

It is important to note that private descriptions do not replace standard public descriptions. Private descriptions are complement to the public ones to customize them with unique content.

How to use this tool?
Just navigate to the Accommodation Description Editor and now you will find two tabs. The first one contains the standard shared description that you are used to edit. The second tab, “Private non-shared description”, allows you to edit the private descriptions of the accommodation.

Private descriptions are an optional component of your website and can be used in two different forms:

  • As complement of your public descriptions: You have the option to put the private text at the beginning or the end of your public text.
  • As a replacement of your public descriptions: You can completely override your public descriptions with the private ones.

If you are interested in using this new feature, you must request it through our support desk.

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