NEW! Owner App

11 April 2021


In addition to the login that owners can use within the rental booking system, for example, to update their calendar and make reservations for their own use, is now also launching a smartphone App for owners.

What are the big advantages of the smart phone App?

The communication between owner and property manager is crucial for a well organized rental season. An App on the owner’s smartphone where he or she can directly connect with the property manager can greatly speed up the flow of information and make available data more transparent, all resulting in a better owner relationship.

What can the owner do with the App?


  • Update the calendar with private bookings for own use.
  • Block the calendar with unavailable periods.
  • Make service requests for private bookings.
  • Communicate details of guests who will be staying in the accommodation for private bookings.


  • Here one can see a list of all bookings.
  • Owner private bookings can be updated and cancelled here.
  • All arrival and departure dates are clearly visible here.


  • Owners, provided they have permission from the administrator, can post discounts here.
  • Discounts are based on a percentage and between dates
  • The owner discount deducts a percentage from his/her share of the rent.
  • Discounts are updated immediately and are automatically visible on the administrator’s website.


  • Income lists provide net rental income for the owner.
  • The list is organised by season and can be ordered as required.


  • Owners can share documents and photos with the administrator.
  • The administrator can also send documents and photos to the owner’s smartphone App.
  • From the App, the data can be sent directly to an e-mail address.


  • From the App, manager and owner can send each other messages, which the manager can see in his work environment within the rental booking system.
  • For all updates and announcements, the owner will receive a message to alert him or her when new information is available.

The Owner App is suitable for Apple and Android smartphones, and comes in 7 languages, English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. We will investigate whether owners would appreciate other facilities within the App and develop and add them quickly.

To download the owner App click on the link below depending on the type of smart phone:

App Store
Google Play Store

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