New possibilities to charge extra services

6 May 2021

We have improved the extras-tool in with more features.

We know that the portals (OTAs) only offer limited possibilities to calculate extras in the online bookings. As a rule, the extras that the OTAs cannot calculate will then be placed in text at the accommodation. What is also true is that this often causes problems because visitors of these portals do not read everything correctly and subsequently discussions arise at the time of check-in with the tenant.

The solution!
It is now possible to bundle several extras into one extra-package. sends this extra-package as one extra to the OTAs who can handle this and will include it in the booking calculation. The booking is then returned to your account where the extras are again split up into separate extras.

The extra-package
On your own website, an extra-package will be broken down directly as individual extras. But with the possibility of invisibly adding individual items of the extra-package to the rental price, or showing them in the calculation of the rental price.
This way of working gives more freedom to pass on extras without raising questions, for example administration costs, bed linen, cleaning during the stay etc.

To discover the full potential of this new extra-package, please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

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