Online Booking System

22 April 2012

Online Booking System

I-Rent offers you an online booking system that allows your tenants to book and pay for the available accommodations directly online with direct online confirmation.

The online booking system is connected to your account in a central database that enables your clients to make real time bookings.

real time benefits:

  • all concerned consult the same availability in a central database
  • this completely excludes the risk of double bookings through the system
  • neither is there is any need to consult or check with the accommodation supplier or keyholder  since real time availability is always up to date
  • possibility of direct confirmation to tenant (by email and online with printable pdf)

The websites offer tenants several opportunities to start making an online booking.
Both the search results and the accommodations detail pages have buttons that invite tenants to make direct online bookings. Clicking these buttons triggers the display of calendars in which the tenant can indicate the rental period he is interested in. The next screen informs the tenant about the availability and (if available) also on the prices and possibly obligatory extras (like for instance an obligatory end cleaning).
From there on the tenant has three options to proceed:

online booking in four easy steps

1. the tenant enters the number of occupants and extras he considers to add to the booking (like a baby bed, etc) upon which he gets a summary of the cost and payment terms
2. the tenants enters his personal data
3. the tenants selects a payment method (direct payment with credit card (only if the administrator has a professional account), bank transfer or passing his credit card data  to your organization)
4. the tenant receives a direct online confirmation with a printable booking form that gives a summary of the booking (accommodation, data of tenant, rental period, number of occupants, prices and extras and the payment terms) as well as a confirmation by email.

or taking an option for three days first

The I-Rent system also allows potential tenants to take an option for three days.
This means that the accommodation is held for the tenant for three days without engagement.  This allows the tenant to make arrangements like booking a flight before he commits to a booking.  He receives an online confirmation of the option so he can confirm it himself later online converting the option into a booking.

or contacting the agent or supplier
Apart from bookings and options the summary also allows potential tenants to contact the agent or supplier clicking buttons on the summary.  The buttons open user friendly forms to request contact by telephone or email. The forms enter directly into your account and can be responded easily. It is always possible to request contact which makes it easier to consult the agent or supplier about accommodations that do not yet suit direct online booking.

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