Simple discounts are now also sent to Airbnb

27 May 2019

From today we start sending simple discounts created in i-Rent to Airbnb.

Conditions that a discount must meet to be able to be assigned to the Airbnb portal are:

  • “Based on a Percentage (%)” type
  • Not having maximum stay established.

Applying criteria for discounts when sent to Airbnb:

  • Publishing Begin/End dates: May be established and the discount will be sent on days that applies.
  • Arrival dates are valid between: May be established and the discount will be applied for the days of that period. If they are not filled, the discount will be applied for all days with price.
  • Minimum / maximum stay: If you fill a minimum stay, only the discount will be applied if it is equal to or less than the minimum stay of the accommodation or price range. Maximum stay can not be applied.
  • Discount Type: Only discounts “Based on a Percentage (%)” can be enabled.
  • Applying Criteria: Criteria appplied will be “Applies if at least one day of the booking is within the Discount Period”
  • Calculate method: Will be “Calculates the discount only for days within the Discount Period”

We hope to help to obtain many more bookings from this portal.

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