Simplified Season & Price Management

30 November 2015

We have simplified the season and price management for those who use the same season for both sale and purchase prices.

Now, at the accommodation edition, you can choose between using single or separated seasons for sale and purchase pricing. If you choose to use different seasons, you will continue working the same way as you did in the past.

New season management options

If you choose the single season option, then you will see a new window for price management.

Simplified season and price management

As you can see, now you can enter sale and purchase prices at the same time. The window also features new tools for you:

  • You can copy prices from other accommodations
  • You can customize the price edition to be sale or purchase based for an easer margin calculation
  • Easy data enter: You can type prices or percentages and everything is updated automatically
  • More auto-complete functions using percentages or previous seasons prices

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