The safety of your customers is important

1 March 2018

The safety of your customers is important

Your online privacy is becoming increasingly important. We are increasingly working through the internet and leave a lot of our personal data behind. But your data can also be’ stolen’ and misused by malicious parties. It is therefore extremely important that the privacy of your visitors is safe. To ensure the safety of your visitors you can use HTTPS.

What is HTTPS?
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (better known as HTTPS) is just like HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) a protocol for dealing with requests between a client (browser) and server (webserver). For example, between the Internet Explorer browser and the Apache web server.

In order to meet the requirements for a HTTPS connection, it is important that everything on your website is then also done via this HTTPS connection. Make sure that all (internal) links on your website also lead to HTTPS pages. If necessary, set up 301-redirects. All data loaded on the website must also be uploaded via HTTPS. Think of external images, fonts, iframes and videos that are loaded. If this does not happen correctly, the browser still warns that your website is not secure!

In order for your website to run on a HTTPS connection, you need an SSL certificate. can customize your web site and arrange the SSL certificate for you.

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